The North Sea South Bay beach Scarborough Yorkshire UK

The Sea Speaks

The North Sea South Bay beach Scarborough Yorkshire UK
The North Sea South Bay beach Scarborough Yorkshire UK



gather with us

the sea is speaking

let’s start listening

Saturday 27th May, 2.00pm – 4.00pm

The Fish Market, Scarborough Harbour, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

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The sea speaks panel discussion takes place 2pm - 4pm Saturday 27th May 2023 Scarborough Harbour
The sea speaks panel discussion takes place 2pm – 4pm Saturday 27th May 2023 Scarborough Harbour

The Panel

Dr Magnus Johnson – Senior Lecturer in Environmental Marine Biology, University of Hull

Dr Magnus Johnson is an environmental marine biologist with eclectic interests from the biology of crustaceans through to fisheries science in its broadest sense.  His recent research has been looking at the potential to decarbonise inshore fishing by enabling the transition from fossil fuels to alternative propulsion such as electric hybrids.  Previous research has looked at cleaner fish, prawn fisheries and the eyes of deep sea shrimps and krill.  He leads the MSc in Environmental Change Management and Monitoring at the University of Hull.

Edd Hind-Ozan – Head of Social Science (Fisheries) for DEFRA

I am a career marine social scientist currently working for the UK Government. I was born by the sea (Great Yarmouth). Since living on the coast in the Netherlands, Ireland, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, for just over two years, I’ve been a resident of beautiful, ocean blue, Scarborough. My research involves asking fishermen to draw maps of their lives at sea, and asking coastal dwellers to take photographs of the most important things in their life – more often the sea than their own family! I want a better life for salty people everywhere.
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs – GOV.UK (

Dr Kate Smith – Knowledge Exchange Fellow in Flood and Society, University of Hull

Kate gained her PhD at former National Centre for English Cultural Tradition, within the School of English at the University of Sheffield. During her PhD research she taught at Sheffield and the Open University, as well as at Hull York Medical School, and coordinated modules in cultural and environmental anthropology in the department of Social Science and Criminology at Hull.

Her research interests span a wide range of interdisciplinary topics in cultural anthropology and sociohydrology, but centre around the interactions between water, people, landscape and identity, and in participatory methodologies and thematic analysis. Her work within the Energy and Environment Institute has included nationally significant research on using mobile technologies for flood warnings, using social value as a way of evaluating flood resilience innovation, and understanding the impact of large-scale public art interventions on people’s engagement with action for climate empowerment.

Her current role extends the work she started in the Flood Innovation Centre, developing novel and creative ways to engage diverse publics with flood resilience and climate change adaptation, and combines research and Knowledge Exchange with teaching on the Energy and Environment Institute’s MSc in Flood Risk Management.

Tom Hill – Scarborough Yacht Club

I’m Tom. I grew up in Scarborough and married Kate who also grew up here. We both went away and came back! Now we live in East Ayton with our kids, Molly and Toby. 

I never had a chance of not being involved with sailing in some way. I was born in accordance with the tide tables, my first race was when I was 8 weeks old and I sailed across the North Sea when I was 6. 

Sailing, well racing yachts more specifically, is probably the only thing I know I’m really good at. Many years afore the mast would probably be the nautical phrase! 

I love the technical aspects with rules, tides and trimming the sails. But also the intuition you need when sometimes you almost know what’s going to happen next or you can just feel how the boat is moving and make adjustments without really knowing why. 

David Malone – Documentary Film Make and Writer

David Malone is a documentary film and a writer.  His most recent film was on the Origin of Covid for C4. He is currently writing a book on the evolution of life and consciousness and has a pod cast called Hyperland.

Rachel Welford – Visual Artist

I am an artist and an avid sea swimmer. I am interested in making artwork where I am more of a collaborator with the sea than a mere observer of it. I am fascinated by its details – how light changes over the horizon line, the moving shapes of reflections on a ripple’s surface, the way traces of waves are left in the sand. I have also started drawing whilst actually in the water!

A lifetime interest in transparency, reflectivity and ephemerality led to a Masters Degree and PhD in Architectural Glass at the University of Sunderland where I now teach.  

In my work with glass I have designed and made windows, doors, screens and panels for – among many others – Bridlington’s South Promenade, City of York Council Offices, St. Peter’s Church Chapterhouse, Sunderland and for private clients.

Captain Ants – Visual and Sound Artist

Anthony Springall is a well-known creative force in Scarborough, making music, events, sculptures and adventures.

Charlotte Oliver – Poet

Charlotte Oliver is BBC Radio York’s Saturday Poet Laureate. Her poems have been published widely in journals and anthologies including Black Bough, Icefloe, Dreamcatcher, Green Teeth, Spelt, Neurological, One Hand Clapping, Poetry Pea and The Storms. She won 2nd prize in Indigo Dreams Autumn Poetry Competition 2022, Runner-up in the 2022 Wirral Poetry Festival Prize, Commended in Lord Whisky Poetry Competition 2022 and Highly Commended in the Patricia Eschen Poetry Prize 2022. She was ACE-funded for radio ballad, The Dark Store, and her debut collection, How To Be A Dressing Gown (Dreich), was published in 2021, of which Clare Shaw wrote, ‘The chapbook lured me in with its calmness and certainty – punctuated with poems of breathtaking power.’ She recently supported poet Luke Wright.

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